Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Tonya

Guess who turned 54 years old Sunday? You are correct, Tonya's is now 54 which also means that she is officially older than Bill is again. Do you remember the number???? 7 months, 5 days.. yes people, in a short 7 months and 5 day Bill will turn 54 and catch up to Tonya, again.

Bill loves Tonya's birthday, because she's older than he is, and for some odd reason, he finds this much more amusing than she does. Oh well, what all this really means, is that in 1 short year, not only will Tonya be older than Bill (AGAIN), BUT! she will be able to retire. Not saying she will, but the marker is there. Anyone taking bets on how long before Bill get's that phone call at work and Tonya says... "okay, I'm pretty much done, If you don't talk me off the ledge now, I'm going to hit the "submit" button to file my retirement paperwork..... seriously, talk me down now...." And then next year there will be more senior discounts at the restaurants to take advantage of next year. So bottom line, Tonya is probabaly enjoying this birthday for herself as much as Bill is enjoying it for his selfish desires.

Tonya did have a wonderful celebration, it was small, family oriented and low key but she enjoyed it none the less. Bill was so excited over one of his gifts he had for her that she was able to "talk him into" giving it to her early.... on Saturday night. Beautiful earrings, they are white gold hoops and called "inside out diamond hoops". Georgious!!!! Sunday morning she got up and found a huge orchid on the breakfast bar, it was yellow with hints of pink from Whitney. Whit normally gets her WOSM some type of orchid or violet for special occasions and her WOSM loves them. Bill fixed breakfast for everyone, light and simple, hot biscuits and homemade jam after which he presented Tonya with her other gift and nice new set of solar lights for her backyard. Now if the snow would melt, and sun come out and dry out the ground some, maybe she and Bill could actually get out into their backyard for the first time this year. We've all gone out to an early dinner. Tonya had requested BBQ for her birthday meal, but the little restaurant that she wanted to go to is closed on Sunday so we tried another BBQ joint that we had heard about. The ladies that own this place has participated in the Challenge from the Food Network, and this place has been washed away several time due to mudslides. We were really looking forward to some good "que" after driving 47 miles down there and waiting about 30 minute for a seat but sadly we were pretty much disappointed. Not the style of bbq we like. Still it was good to have a meal out with the family.

As we returned to home we decided to stop by the State Capital in Olympia. Tonya, Whitney and G'Ma E had not been there before. It was a nice little walk and can imagine that once the flowering trees all begin to bloom it will be so pretty. But the blooming daffodils were a nice sign that spring really might make and appearance afterall.