Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Week-End With The Girls!!!

And you probably thought we'd fallen off the edge of the Pacific Northwest Coast, yes it's been a while since we've posted anything, but seriously life here has changed for us. Can't promise we'll do more frequent posting, but we will try.

We had a great week-end! Britt came up from SoCal! She wanted to get up to see Whit before she heads down to SoUt (background: Whit has been accepted at SUU and has been approved for a scholarship thru the tribe. She moves back mid-month).

It was a quick trip, way too short for us, but we still loved having her here. She arrived Friday afternoon and had to take off on Sunday night. We tried to pack as much into those 54 hours that we could.

Friday evening was probably the most quiet, we all went to Mama's for a nice dinner. The food was great as usual. When we got back to the house G'Ma was pooped so she relaxed in the house while we went out to the backyard with the girls to visit, chat, laugh; basically just enjoy life.

Saturday morning we got up, packed the Jeep (another story, Tonya calls it Bill's "Mid-Life Crisis") and headed over to Olympic National Park. We knew this would be a lot of driving and getting in and out of the vehicle so G'Ma stayed home. We stopped for breakfast along the way and enjoyed our day. We hiked around Hurricane Ridge, where we were able to see deer and field after field of wild lupine, it was soooo pretty. It was rather late when we got back home, we had a good time, but crawling in and out of that Jeep one can realize they have aches in places that shouldn't hurt!

Knowing that Brittany would have to fly out on Sunday night we wanted to find something to do that was close by. With Britt being an mechanical engineer she was quiet intrigued with the Narrows Bridge when we crossed it on our return from the Olympics so we decided to "walk the bridge". The Pacific Northwest is amid a heat wave here. We are used to summers in the mid 70s with the occasional 80.. right now 80 would be nice. The walk was great, the views; wonderful! The bottled water that was left in the ice chest in the back of the truck would have been a nice thing to take along with us! Need to make a better mental note next time we do this walk. Even though we were so hot and thirsty, it was still a great time and we are talking about walking it again.

We all enjoyed Brittany while she was here. She is great to have around, wish she could of been here longer, BUT we are just thankful she is back in our lives and we know there will be many more visits to come.

We are not looking forward to Whit's imminent departure.... she will be missed terribly.